Sonia’s New Freedom Thanks to Adult Stem Cells

In October, the StemCellResearchFacts team visited Sonia Coontz in southern California. A stroke had devastated her body several years ago. But thanks to a breakthrough adult stem cell treatment by doctors at Stanford University, Sonia has a son, a husband...Continued

Jackie Stollfus Gets her Family

In March of 2014, told you about Jackie Stollfus and her battle to overcome Lupus. She'd had an adult stem cell transplant and her dream was to someday become a mom.  Well fast forward three years and Jackie and...Continued

Clarifying a White House Letter on Stem Cell Research

Eugene C. Tarne | September 23, 2015 The White House recently launched a site on Tumblr to feature letters sent to the president by the American people. The handful of letters posted so far cover a variety of subjects, including...Continued

Midwest Conference on Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

Several patients featured on were invited to attend the first ever Midwest Conference on Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine.  Kansas Governor Sam Brownback was also on hand to encourage the doctors, researchers and scientists to keep working to find...Continued

Adult Stem Cell Recipient Rob Waddell Feature Shoot

Our next story features the miraculous recovery of Rob Waddell. He was given an adult stem cell transplant at the same time as his kidney transplant nearly four years ago. Because his donor was willing to give both, Rob now...Continued

GMA Co-host Returns After Adult Stem Cell Transplant

Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts has became the latest advocate for adult stem cells, returning to the anchor seat last week after her successful fight against cancer. For more information, follow this link:

Emails from You

Thanks for the Inspiration Comments:  Wonderful story, inspires the heart (no pun intended).  I had a double bypass myself and still have one artery partially blocked. Have diabetes also. I lost 55 pounds and changed my diet and exercise on my...Continued

Guest Blogger: David Granovsky’s ‘The Stem Cell Blog’ As we go about educating people about adult stem cell research, we've discovered many other blogs and web sites with similar missions. We felt David Granovsky's, 'The Stem Cell Blog' was one of those sites who many of our...Continued