In October, the StemCellResearchFacts team visited Sonia Coontz in southern California. A stroke had devastated her body several years ago. But thanks to a breakthrough adult stem cell treatment by doctors at Stanford University, Sonia has a son, a husband and a freedom and happiness that is felt by anyone who meets her. She is an inspiration.

3 responses to “Sonia’s New Freedom Thanks to Adult Stem Cells

    1. the time of recovery during post-stroke period after stem cell therapy varies from person to person depending on the degree of disorder. In case of my nephew, it took him almost a year and a half to start walking by himself without support after our first stem cell treatment. We had lost hope after the first 6-8 months but our friends and relatives supported us a lot.

  1. Speaking from personal experience, my sister’s daughter was suffering from Cerebral palsy from a young age and we had tried all the conventional treatment options but nothing was working. Then one of my colleagues suggested stem cell therapy. So, we contacted Advancells, which is a reputed institution of stem cell therapy. They explained the entire process in detail and made no false promises. Thanks to Advancells, my sister’s daughter is doing much better. If anyone out there needs help with stem cell therapy, I strongly suggest Advancells. You can contact them via their website

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