People reach out to this web channel with questions: How much does a transplant cost? Is it safe? How do I find a clinical trial for the disease I’m suffering from? How do I get into a clinical trial? There are as many answers to these questions as their transplant recipients.

We’ve received thousands of emails since we first launched back in 2009. Many of these emails come from people desperate for answers to their medical problem or their loved ones condition. We don’t claim to have all the answers. But we we’ve always tried to point people in the right direction.

The fact is, other than for some cancer and blood related diseases, a stem cell transplant isn’t even an option for someone in the United States, UNLESS you’re able to be accepted into a clinical trial. So we point people toward to search for a clinical trial that they might be accepted into.

As we’ve interviewed many doctors and dozens of patients and transplant recipients, we’ve learned that there’s rarely one answer to any of these questions. We strongly urge you to do your own research via any means at your disposal. Stem Cell Connect will continue to share the stories of those who’ve been saved or helped by an adult stem cell transplant. But we’re now adding a new section to our website called My Experience where we give transplant recipients the platform to share what they went through.

We urge you to share your experience too.