When we last featured Jackie Stollfus in 2014, she’d overcome five years of battling lupus and lost a baby in the process. Now three years later, she’s free of the debilitating disease and her and her husband Brian are the parents of two beautiful girls. Watch her story here – and for more information about adult stem cell research, visit StemCellResearchFacts.org.

3 responses to “Adult Stem Cell Transplant Fulfills Two Dreams for Jackie Stollfus

  1. I suffered an afib heart attack at she 60 and have for the last 9 years been paralyzed on the left side with loss of perifialvisiom
    left side.
    It has been like living in a human coffin.I do get around somewhat using a hemi-walker.the stories posted are af dream of mine for 9 years.great to know things are being accomplished in this research a warm heartfelt thanks to all involved.

  2. This is absolutely amazing, considering that lupus is a real threat to many persons world wide with North America having the greatest incidence of the disease. Considering the advancement in technology, stem cells are very instrumental in restorative treatment because of their totipotency. I am more than elated to see a testimony of adult stem cell treatment and even happier that Jackie is not only lupus free but also has fulfilled her family dream.

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