Thanks for the Inspiration

Comments:  Wonderful story, inspires the heart (no pun intended).  I had a double bypass myself and still have one artery partially blocked. Have diabetes also. I lost 55 pounds and changed my diet and exercise on my new elliptical machine. Would love more stories like this and would love know how I might participate in a stem cell study myself. You guys are are great! Thanks for the buildup!


Seeking Information about Scleroderma

I’m italian guy. my mother is suffering from diffuse scleroderma from 2004/2005 and after many therapies that have done here in Bari, unfortunately, the disease continues to progress.

I was looking for info on the internet on experimental treatments abroad and found a number of articles on stem cells.(  ) I would be infinitely grateful if you could tell me if and where you can get more information about or if there is any center in Italy to use this treatment. thank you very much

Giuseppe De Mita

Information about Scleroderma

Comments: Hello! My name is (   ). I am 28 years old and live in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Make that four months was diagnosed with Scleroderma. The disease has progressed quickly. And unfortunately the only treatment combat some symptoms. I Phenomenon Renaut and a process of fibrosis in the lungs, and also problems of esophageal motility, and many sorrows. I would love to send me information about the stem cell treatment. If this treatment would be possible in my case. Where is done, how much it costs … I see my life getting limited and longing for help. I thank you. 




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