As we go about educating people about adult stem cell research, we’ve discovered many other blogs and web sites with similar missions. We felt David Granovsky’s, ‘The Stem Cell Blog’ was one of those sites who many of our viewers would appreciate. We have made a firm commitment not to support or promote any product, clinic or doctor. But for the thousands of visitors to our web with serious questions, we feel ‘The Stem Cell Blog’ might provide some answers.

StemCellResearchFacts Help Team

Hi all,

I am honored to post in If anyone has specific interests or conditions, please feel free to reach out to me!

David Granovsky

My mission:

The world is embracing the research and successful treatments of diseases with ADULT stem cells, reaping huge rewards of life extension, improved quality of life and the curing of allegedly incurable diseases. My mission is to bring the public up to date information on stem cell treatments, victories, news, controversies, politics, science, benefits and opportunities available. My primary device to complete this mission is the not for profit “The Stem Cell Blog” with over 1,400 articles posted to date and over 2 million views.

Here is a brief intro to stem cells – STEM CELLS 101 –

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